Seafood Marketing Webinar – Sorting Fact from Fiction – Status of Australian Fish Stocks

Thank you for zooming in and joining the 8th and last webinar in “The Sundown Series”.

With this highly anticipated webinar in which the FRDC’s Crispian Ashby sorts fact from fiction with the Status of Australian Fish Stocks, we are concluding “The Sundown Series”.

“Documentaries” like Seaspiracy use emotional footage and questionable claims to rally people against the seafood industry. In a world where facts are increasingly harder to come by and when emotions run high, it’s science that calmly and clinically supports the sustainability credentials of Australia’s professionally managed fisheries. And there’s no better scientific resource to rely on than the FRDC’s Status of Australian Fish Stocks.

In this presentation, FRDC’s director of programs, Crispian Ashby takes us into a deep dive into the science behind the Status of Australia’s Fish Stocks.

If you missed the live webinar, don’t worry. We have a recording for you here.

Watch the Recording of the Webinar