Seafood Marketing Webinar – Branding Bold and Beautiful

Thank you for zooming in and joining our 2nd webinar of “The Sundown Series”.

If you can’t remember it all, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

John Susman is the principal of Fishtales, a specialist seafood marketing consultancy behind some of Australia’s most valuable seafood brands. In this session, he shared his 30 years of experience and uncommon sense in creating meaningful, powerful and memorable seafood brands. Due to technical difficulties, we lost the welcome and introduction from Ben Hale and the first 60 seconds of John’s presentation, but we join him just as he gets started and it’s a delightful and informative session.

Watch the Recording of the Webinar

Seafood Marketing Presentation Deck

The Sundown Series – Webinar: Branding Bold and Beautiful