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Love Australian Prawns Campaign

2013 – present

The Love Australian Prawn Campaign is the first united national marketing campaign for an entire seafood category funded by voluntary contributions from producers.

It had its beginnings in a co-operative project between the APFA and the QSMA, and the QSMA has kept a presence on the LAP Steering committee, participating in strategy development and implementation.

The strategy, which has been in place for 5 years has achieved much for producers:

  • 500 independent seafood retailers have received an annual supply of point of sale merchandise promoting Australian Prawns, including 2.9 million recipe books, in store posters, cabinet stickers and visual merchandising.
  • An additional 2 Million recipe books have been distributed through co-promotions with Woolworths.
  • The campaign is also active on social media, recently celebrating the 81,000th recipe book download (February 2018).
  • 5000 100-page Australian Prawns cookbooks are currently in production and are going to be available in seafood stores and on the LAP website in late March 2018.

The Love Australian Prawns campaign won the Best Seafood Promotion at the 8th National Seafood Awards and continues to add value in better long term prices for producers.

Some of the recipe books produced for Love Australian Prawns.
As per February 2018, had 81,000 recipe book downloads.

Queensland Prawns for Queensland Week

2010 – 2012

Queensland prawns for Queensland week was an initiative of the Queensland Seafood Marketers Association and the Australian Prawn Farmers Association. The campaign began in 2010 with a website, Facebook page, Youtube video and on Twitter After generating sufficient publicity for a small budget in 2010, it was decided in 2011 to use a more retail oriented approach – to see just how inclined people would be to purchase prawns outside the traditional Christmas and Easter periods.

Campaign Components:

  • Radio campaign of 30 sec commercials and outside broadcasts, live crosses or live reads in Cairns, Mackay, the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.
  • Point of Sale (A1 and A3 posters supplied to seafood retailers to display during QLD Week)
  • Queensland Week Facebook Event page supported by 25 different ads running QLD wide.
  • PR (media releases, media calls, 7 Local News)
  • Queensland Prawns website (

Total Campaign Budget 2010 & 2011:



2010 YouTube Video:
We’re encouraging all Queenslanders to eat Queensland Prawns on Queensland Day, June 6th.
Because it’s just un-Australian not to be a QUEENSLANDER.
2011 Queensland Week event website and poster.

Endeavour Prawns Campaign

2007 – 2008

Tired of getting the raw prawn from overseas importers, the Queensland Seafood Marketers Association launched a campaign in 2007 to get Far Northern prawns on tables across the state.

QSMA’s Endeavour Prawn marketing campaign was the first promotion of its kind to specifically target a specific prawn species to the seafood consumer market in Queensland. This led to an awareness of the species for its flavour and price competitiveness and was extremely successful in creating demand which subsequently led to an increase in return to prawn fishers.

Campaign Components:

  • Endeavour Prawns Website (
  • 30 sec TVC (on Channel 7 and Channel TEN in the Cairns market place between Oct – Dec 07)
  • Point of Sale (A1 and A3 posters plus cabinet stickers for seafood retailers)
  • Various Media & PR activities

Total Campaign Budget:


A 30 second TV commercial produced by the Queensland Seafood Marketers Association to promoted the taste and great nutrition of locally caught Queensland Endeavour Prawns.