qsma membership

Join us! Become a member.

Why become a member?

A QSMA membership is available to everyone in the seafood industry post harvest sector – processors, wholesalers, retailers and exporters. We represent the seafood industry post harvest sector and have so for over 40 years.

There are many good reasons to join:

1. Become a Leader in Promotion of Seafood
The Queensland Seafood Marketers Association is recognised nationally as a leader in the promotion of seafood both on a State and National level. It is a founding member of the newly formed National Seafood Industry Association and is therefore able to influence national policy.

2. Networking
Queensland Seafood Marketers Association membership gives you the opportunity to network with your peers and other industry professionals.

3. Participate in Real World Events
The opportunity to participate in real world events. The association has a policy of engaging in promotional events on a regular basis. Examples are two successful promotional campaigns namely the Endeavour Prawn Promotion and a state wide Queensland Prawn Campaign.

4. Influence Seafood Research Funding
The Association has a member on the Queensland Research Advisory Committee and is able to influence seafood research funding.

5. Queensland Seafood Awards
The Queensland Seafood Awards are hosted by the association every two years. There are 12 categories and state winners are then eligible for national honours.



Annual Membership Fees

Associate Membership
(Organisations with less than 20 employees.)
$275.00 (incl GST)

Full Membership
$550.00 (incl. GST)