national symposium on seafood marketing

Sea Beyond 2020.


It is with significant regret that I announce the postponement of our National Symposium on Seafood Marketing and Gala Dinner scheduled for the 17th July 2020, as a consequence of COVID-19. It is unlikely that our event will be held this calendar year. Nonetheless, we will wait patiently and safely for present events to pass, and thereafter recommence our planning so as to reschedule a new date.

Thanks you all for your understanding during these unprecedented times, and I wish you all well.

Marshall Betzel
QSMA President

Sea Beyond 2020

National Symposium on Seafood Marketing
17 July 2020 | Brisbane

Building on the success of previous symposiums, the QSMA is proud to present another event packed with presentations on new ways of seafood marketing and the industry’s future.

The 3rd National Symposium on Seafood Marketing will be held on Friday, 17th July 2020 at the Rydges South Bank in Brisbane followed by a Gala Dinner and celebrations. 

The main theme for this year’s event is “Sea Beyond 2020” with two sub-themes:

  • Seafood Industry Marketing and Levies
  • Third Party Certification

Are you interested to contribute to the event?
Call for Abstracts open now.

In 2020 the Symposium will offer for the first time the opportunity for visual presentations. Visual presentations can be related to, but not limited by, one or more symposium themes.

If you are interested in contributing to the symposium as speaker or visual presenter please read “Call for Abstracts” details and guidelines below before submitting your abstract/presentation ideas.

A special THANK YOU to our major sponsors. 

“The networking opportunity was incredible, bouncing off other peoples passion is infectious.”

“YES! Thank you QSMA! A kick in the pants to hurry up and tell the story. Thanks for your leadership.”

“Incredibly valuable event. Learning and listening. A great opportunity for professional development.”

Attendee Feedback | National Symposium on Seafood Marketing 2018

Call For Abstracts

Contact us now if you wish to become a speaker or visual presenter at the National Symposium for Seafood Marketing.

Main Theme
Is it just about the sizzle?

Older Australians love their seafood, boomers especially. Apart from health benefits, they support Australian produce for many emotional and practical reasons. They’re the seafood industry’s greatest consumers and advocates.

But what about their kids and grandkids?

Whoo boy, where do we even begin with millennials?

Over 1/3 of all vegans are millennials. They’re connected, passionate about the planet and actively direct their spending where it does good. They reward authentic and transparent efforts by business to keep up wth their standards, but are just as easily misled by vacuous influencers and self appointed wellness gurus.

Courting this avo-smash loving inner city set will take way more than a pouty instagram post.

It used to be the sizzle that sells, then it became the “story”, now it’s values, mission and authenticity.

Or is it really just about the sizzle?

If you have an insight, data or a strong opinion on the next generation of consumers, we want to hear from you at the SEA BEYOND 2020 seafood marketing symposium. Send an email to James Fogarty for further information.

Don’t mention the “L” word.

The seafood industry is the only primary sector without a marketing department. Are we so confident our product sells itself that we don’t need one?

Or are we just terrified of the “L” word?

The Love Australian Prawns campaign is funded voluntarily, but not by all fishers. Seafood Industry Australia is going in to bat for producers on a whole range of social licence and industry issues. But industry’s investment in its own marketing is 300 times less than other animal proteins.

Is it because there aren’t any qualified experts we can trust with our marketing? Are we just confident our product sells itself? Are we happy with a business as usual approach and only really see marketing as truly needed when a crisis hits?

When Paul Hogan held up a tiger prawn in ’84 and asked Americans to put another shrimp on the barbie, Australian seafood got a free promotional kick and we’ve been riding that tailwind ever since.

Is it time to get serious about industry marketing? Or shall we never mention the “L” word again?

Do you have an opinion – one way or the other? We want to hear from you. Send an email to James Fogarty for further information.

Third Party Certification.

Is it worth the expense, the hassle and the rigmarole of third party certification for sustainability, when we tell ourselves, and consumers, the industry is one of the best managed in the world? Can we stand up and tell our stories without someone else vouching for us? Or, is certification the price of entry, and without those credentials we cut ourselves off from the surging number of consumers looking for sustainable, ethically produced food.

Let’s discuss the pro’s, the cons, the risks and the rewards of third party certification at the SEA BEYOND 2020 seafood marketing symposium.

Wish to be a speaker? Contact James Fogarty for further information.

Visual Presentation

Poster presentations are visual displays of material and constitute an interactive and communicative medium, usually combining text and graphics information. Posters will be displayed in the foyer and/or catering areas for the duration of the symposium.

Visual presentations can be related to, but not limited by, one or more symposium themes:

  • Sea Beyond 2020
  • Seafood Industry Marketing and Levies
  • Third Party Certification

If you are interested in becoming a visual presenter, please contact James Fogarty to discuss your ideas and details of your presentation.

Abstract Submission – Guidelines, Terms & Conditions

Individuals and organisations are invited to submit an abstract of original work to deliver a:

  • 20 minute oral presentation; or
  • Visual poster presentation

Presentations will be selected to provide a program that offers a comprehensive and diverse range of
issues related to the Symposium theme of ‘Sea Beyond 2020’ and above sub-themes.

Abstracts may report on recent or current research, programs, policy or practice. Priority will be given to presentations about current research or that demonstrate new knowledge, critical reflection or innovation, rather than purely descriptive papers.

All proposals will be reviewed by the Symposium committee. Call for Abstracts closes 15 April 2020. Authors will be notified by email of the outcome.

Abstract Instructions

ALL abstracts must be no more than 300 words in length and can not include references, tables or figures. Oral Paper and Poster Presentation abstracts should be structured using the following headings:

  • Research abstracts: Background and Aims, Methods, Findings, Discussion/ Conclusion
  • Program, Policy or Practice abstracts: Context, Process, Analysis and Outcome/s

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Venue & Accommodation

Rydges South Bank Brisbane | 9 Glenelg St, South Brisbane QLD 4101 | (07) 3364 0800

Stay at the symposium venue. 

Rydges South Bank offers sophisticated Brisbane accommodation with thoughtful amenities and Free WiFi in the city’s arts and entertainment precinct.

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