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What's happening at the symposium?

Preliminary Program

Please note that the symposium hosts reserve the right to change the symposium program at any time without notice. Please note that the program is correct at the time of publishing. Last update 26 September 2018.
Opening Session

Session Chair: Marshall Betzel | President, QSMA


Registration Opens

08:00 - 09:00

Arrival Coffee & Tea

Welcome and Session Chair

Marshall Betzel | President, Queensland Seafood Marketers Association
Marshall Betzel
Marshall Betzel

Opening Address Minister

Senator the Hon. Richard Colbeck | Assistant Minister Agriculture and Water Resources
Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Senator the Hon. Richard Colbeck
Senator the Hon. Richard Colbeck

Sponsor’s Address

Peter Horvat | General Manager Communications, Trade and Marketing, Fisheries Research and Development Corporation
Peter Horvat, FRDC
Peter Horvat

FISH 2.0 sustainable seafood futures

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION  |  Innovation in the seafood sector is accelerating and the future of seafood is coming sooner than you think.  What does this future look like?  Learn about trends and market forces shaping the future of seafood, the role that marketing plays in accelerating change, and examples of innovative companies and products that are part of this evolution.
Monica Jain
Monica Jain
10:40 - 11:00

Morning Tea

Session 1

Session Chair: Skye Barrett, FRDC

Meating the market – today, tomorrow and the future

In this session, Lisa will discuss what’s driving consumer and shopper trends in the Australian protein market. Consistency of quality remains a key purchase driver and Lisa will highlight how a focus on beef eating quality by all value chain participants has delivered industry wide benefits. The growth of consumer interest in provenance and the challenges and opportunities this presents for product promotion today, tomorrow and the future will also explored.
Lisa Sharp
Lisa Sharp

Disrupting the Western Food and Health Paradigm… with Seaweed.

Seaweed is a $6B global crop; it is highly sustainable under the right production technology, and it is nutritionally potent. Added to our mainstream food chain, seaweed could contribute significantly to reducing chronic diseases related to western malnutrition, including obesity which now rivals starvation. This is related to correcting dysbiosis of the human gut, and our clinical studies have shown a breadth of implications for a number of human diseases. Seaweed is still regarded as a novelty by westerners. I will present the case for seaweed in contributing to our basic food intake in the west… for everyone… every day.
Dr Pia Winberg
Dr Pia Winberg

The appetite for brands has never been greater, so where are all the seafood ones?

Marketing is no longer just for marketers. What can you do to increase your value proposition? The opportunity for seafood producers to connect with consumers and create brands that matter has never been greater. Social media has given us the tools to market cheaply but has also created the busiest, noisiest media platform we’ve ever known. So how do you stand out and be remembered?  Hint: It might be easier than you think.
Abby McKibben
Abby McKibben

A local SA company with global reach

Clean Seas Seafood Limited company background with insight into the brand relaunch including brand strategy, positioning and support activities. Clean Seas drive for growth through innovation that provides a significant opportunity to open up new channels in global markets.
Julie Torok
Julie Torok
12:40 - 01:30


Session 2

Session Chair: Tony Hurley, A Raptis & Sons

What are they thinking? Inside the hearts and minds of seafood consumers.

Even after having spoken to hundreds of thousands of consumers over the past 18 years, building a clear understanding of what drives and shapes consumer attitudes and behaviours remains a ‘work in progress’. The presentation will walk back through what the research has uncovered, look to identify what works and what doesn’t when engaging with consumers and the general community and provide some insights that will help guide and shape marketing efforts by the fishing and aquaculture industries.
Michael Sparks
Michael Sparks

Community Engagement

Combining the MLFA’s “Fresh, Local and Sustainable” positioning statement with the world’s most reputable marine sustainability eco-label certification (MSC) has aided our group of fishers in maintaining our access to an ever increasing shared resource.  Over the last decade through improvements to our fish handling techniques and niche marketing of higher quality products, has provided increased profitability and greater brand awareness.
Damien Bell
Damien Bell

Community Engagement & Education

Colin Tannahill | Managing Director, Shimano Australia Fishing
Colin Tannahill - Clean Seas Australia
Colin Tannahill

Fish and Chips – Connecting to Consumers

Eating fish and chips is something that almost every Australian can relate to – and are passionate about. Fish and chips are one example of how finding the secret sauce, can provides a platform to engage and communicate with Australian’s on seafood.
Peter Horvat, FRDC
Peter Horvat
03:00 - 03:20

Afternoon Tea

Closing Session

Session Chair: Chris Calogeras, C- Aid

Doing a lot with little

I am the biggest cynic of advertising and marketing you will ever meet. In my opinion one of the biggest problems with any marketing is that it is highly subjective and that everyone is an expert in the field. As a consequence, most communication ends up being a compromise because everyone has wanted to put their stamp on it. I’d like to demonstrate that when it comes to effective marketing ‘less is always more’.
Tom Robinson
Tom Robinson

From science to seafood

Dr Renae Tobin recently left her fisheries science career to sell fresh and cooked local seafood. Renae is applying her scientific knowledge of the commercial fishing industry and seafood consumers, to selling quality local seafood and its story through new store ‘Tobin Fish Tales’. The aim of the venture is to rebuild the connection between wild catch commercial fishers and the Australian public, addressing ongoing issues with public perception of the industry. Renae will discuss the challenges and opportunities faced while selling local wild caught seafood with a story, and present ideas about we might better promote local seafood, and hence improve the profile of commercial fishing in the eyes of the community.
Renae Tobin
Dr Renae Tobin

The Victorian Seafood Experience

Seafood Industry Victoria is working to bring prominence to the people, places and products of the Victorian Seafood Industry through connected, localised, high-value initiatives that leverage existing partnerships, build connections and position professional fishing and seafood as a net positive in the public domain.  We are currently implementing a range of new initiatives to showcase the people, products and places of the Victorian Seafood Industry. Including through a program of events and activities, creating and highlighting destinations and experiences where seafood is the experience and reclaiming and reshaping the narrative to explode the positives associated with the commercial seafood industry.
Johnathon Davey
Johnathon Davey


We would like to thank our sponsors for their support of the 2018 Seafood Marketing Symposium and Queensland Seafood Industry Awards.