queensland seafood marketers association

Who we are and what we do.

About Us

The Queensland Seafood Marketers Association Inc. (QSMA) has been a part of the Queensland Seafood Industry for more than 40 years. The Association has represented the post harvest sector of the industry over this period with its membership consisting of Processors, Wholesalers, Retailers and Exporters.

Our main function is to promote the quality and wholesomeness of Queensland Seafood as well as the benefits of seafood consumption in providing a safe and healthy product to not only the Queensland community but nationwide as well.

QSMA’s Endeavour Prawn marketing campaign was the first promotion of its kind to specifically target a specific prawn species to the seafood consumer market in Queensland. This led to an awareness of the species for its flavour and price competitiveness and was extremely successful in creating demand which subsequently led to an increase in return to prawn fishers.

Recent example of our promotional work was the Queensland Prawn promotion that was a combined project between QSMA and the Australian Prawn Farmers Association. This project was the impetus for the current National “Love Australian Prawn” campaign.

QSMA always welcomes new members. See Membership for more information.


A seafood processing sector that is dynamic and competitive in the market place; environmentally responsible and sustainable; economically viable; and receptive to partnerships with governments and other sectors to foster a positive business climate.


An effective and representative voice of the interests of its members, providing leadership and advocacy in the following strategic areas:

  • Supporting effective conservation and wise management of the marine resource;
  • Contributing to the formulation of government policies, standards, and regulations that promote a positive industry image;
  • Developing effective networks and partnerships with organizations that share similar objectives and goals; and
  • Identifying and evaluating emerging issues at home and abroad that may impact on the interests of members.


A Commitment to Excellence

  • We will work collaboratively across functions to achieve the association’s vision, mission and goals;
  • We will honour our commitments to the membership; and we will aspire at all times to do our jobs better in every dimension.

A Commitment to Treating All with Respect, Trust and Dignity

  • We will create a respectful and meaningful place of gathering, characterized by honest, direct and relevant communication;
  • We will act with integrity and engender trust in both colleagues and associates;
  • We are committed to conducting our business with the highest professional and ethical standards and to treating all resources entrusted to us as if they were our own.